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What is Improv Comedy?

Improv Comedy is comedy that's made up, right before your very eyes! We get a suggestion from the audience and then we go! Making up hilarious scenes based off of that suggestion. It's instant theater!

Do you like "Who's Line Is It Anyway?"

Well then, you'll love our shows! Not only do we play Improv Games like "Who's Line," we also have shows where we improvise entire Soap Operas, with recurring characters and ongoing story lines. All of which are made up right on the spot!

Every Show is Different!

Did we mention that it's all made up? That means that no two shows are ever alike! There's nothing else like it in Chattanooga! For a list of our ongoing shows, scroll down just a bit, or head over to our Tickets page now to get your seats!

When are the Shows?

We have shows every Friday and Saturday night, at 8pm and 10pm! (Excluding major holidays, of course.) There's a complete list of our current shows at the bottom of this page. And, of course, our Tickets page has the complete list of shows and times.

Where are we Located?

You'll find us inside the First Draft Theater, at 1800 Rossville Avenue, Suite 106, Chattanooga TN 37408.

What's up with these Billboards?

What you see on the billboards are all things that have happened to those actors in actual shows. (Except for the one about student pricing. That's just a great picture and good way to tell you about our $5 Student tickets.)

Our Shows