My wife and I had a absolute blast here. I can’t believe we haven’t been here before. We plan on having several more dates here. The night was full of laughs and fun and it was definitely most needed with our chaotic work schedule. Thank you so much for inviting us and giving us a fun night to remember.
— David Dinsmore
I recently spent a wonderful evening at Improv Chattanooga. Several other stand-up comics and I were guests on their Stand-Up Vs. Improv show, in which stand-up comics do short sets and then improvisers create scenes inspired by the comedians’ material.

The Improv Chattanooga team was amazing. They were fast, read each other easily (to the point they almost seemed telepathic), and REALLY FUNNY. I cracked up at all their scenes and at the running gags they threaded through the evening.

If you’re in town for any reason, work a visit to Improv Chattanooga into your schedule. You’ll be glad you did.
— Art Sturtevant
I always enjoy myself when I go! I leave happier. Thanks so much for adding more laughter to my life.
— Amy Lynn
We laughed so hard our faces hurt driving home...if laughter is good medicine, Improv Chattanooga should ward off the flu & maybe even Ebola. #scissorbaby
— Mika McCoy
Two weeks ago I laughed so hard that I almost vomited.
— Charles Kildgore Jr.

And finally, a quick review of one of our shows by two of our fabulous audience members, Laura and Katie.