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Whose Line Is It Signal Mountain?

Whose line is it? It's YOUR line Signal Mountain!!

Join us at The MACC on Signal Mountain on Saturday, May 28th for a night of hilarious Improvised Comedy!

Just like that famous TV show, we'll take audience suggestions, call up volunteers, and get random submissions to play a bunch of improv games.

For each one of these Short Form games, we get a suggestion from the audience and use it to create a scene. The catch? Each game has one or more rules that make the scenes hard for the actors, and hilarious for the audience.

For example:

New Choice - Actors start their scene, but whenever the bell rings, they have to back up and redo the last thing they just said or did.

Family Dinner - We get someone from the audience and they cast the actors as family members that they would normally have dinner with. The audience member rings a bell when an actor does something in character, and honks a horn when they do something out of character. (Yeah, it’s complicated, but hilarious.)

ABC - Think you know your alphabet? Our actors usually don’t! In this game, each line of the scene has to start with the next letter of the alphabet. (It’s a lot harder than it sounds.)

Fill In The Blanks - Before the show, we have the audience write words and phrases on slips of paper. During this game, the actors open those slips and read what’s on them into the scene. Once it’s a part of the scene, the actors have to make it make sense.

Return Desk - One actor is returning an item to the local Big Box store.The catch is, they have no idea what it is they are returning! Trust us, if you’ve only experienced Improv on the small screen with “Whose Line,” you’ll love it live and in person!

Remember to get your ticket in advance and save $5!

Tickets: $10 in Advance, $15 day of show. (A portion of the proceeds go to The MACC!)

* This event is rated PG-13!

* Masks are optional at The MACC, but if you are unvaccinated, we do ask that you wear a mask while in the theater.

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